SEO Brisbane


Potential clients often ask us, and quite rightly so – ‘What keywords and ranking do you battle for on Google for Optimax?’ I have to answer that question as I would for any client…and that is ‘that depends on what are the most popular search words used.’


This journey has been a decade long for me to date (without no sign of slowing down..) and in that time my small but growing team and I have continually revisited this question. Back then nobody knew what SEO was…and the huge majority of people still don’t. It seems if the person asking has an American accent their face light up with understanding. Although tell anyone in Australasia you do SEO and you are met with a blank stare or a sheepish smile, they still have no idea.


So all that time ago we decided to drop the acronym (SEO) and chase the most straight forward descriptive reference that was likely to emerge as most popular as people learn of our community (the SEO Industry) and existence. The result is today we are #1 in Australia for Website Optimization (using USA grammar) that took a couple of years to secure, and then proceeded to rule for the more difficult English version for our region Website Optimisation (using an S rather than a Z) taking one more year, and now we enjoy the top position on Google for both of these searches… a testament to our hard work, patience and success!


So the years have gone by, and as I say most people still don’t even know of our community. However I realise now like I did back then that this will soon change… like in the USA people in our region will soon be familiar with what SEO stands for. Something else we have observed is anyone coming to us using the term SEO have almost every time used another company for website optimisation and had terrible results, but came away knowing at least what SEO means. Many clients come to us after trying 3 or 4 website optimisation companies already, and they arrive very perplexed and disappointed.


So if we want to rank #1 on Google for SEO we must do what we did for Website Optimisation, what we advise our clients to do – and that is go after your greatest search along with your geographical location first. Hence the creation of this page and this story – its purpose is to become #1 on Google for SEO Brisbane, and it various similar search configurations. So if you live in Brisbane and have found out what an SEO is, then gone looking for one and found yourself on this page, then we are again we must be doing a good job!


Ask me how to describe website optimisation or SEO in one sentence I will tell you “Create Unique, Interesting Creative and Informative Content and then Point High Quality Links at it”. So this is my story and this is my content…so I better go and keep building high quality back links!-