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Website Optimisation

The most effective way to have your website represented long-term on the front page of the big search engines like Google, is Optimising for Organic rankings. Organic rankings are Algorithm driven, so websites are chosen by the engine’s highly developed dynamic software. Selections are based on the content the site is featuring, the popularity of that content and its ability to attract inbound links from trusted information sites. Website optimisation can take a few months to become effective, and is the most-often selected type of result by searchers. The top of the Organic results is the most commonly clicked on part of the results page.

Social Media Marketing

Some of us Tweet, some Instagram and others Pinterest… but almost everyone is on Facebook. Facebook for Business serves up pages that are interesting to users it has learned are seeking particular services, through observation of things the user has recently sought on line. Algorithms know from your activities whether you are interested in a new kitchen, a home brew kit, a black dress or maybe a trampoline! This is why when you are using Facebook, those sponsored Ad’s play as if they know what you want… because they do, we make sure of that.

Google Adwords

Another great way to get your website found on the search engine results page is to avail a ’Pay Per Click’ (PPC) program. The Google PPC product is called Google Adwords. This is a very fast and reliable way to get results on the front page. The management of PPC campaigns is done with a rather technical dynamic on-line auction system, and companies like Google provide a range of technical training courses for placement companies like us. OptiMax attend and sit exams, we have earned our Google Partner qualifications. We manage your Adword’s campaigns to make sure you get the most click for your buck.

Website Development

New Generation websites look more like modern television. We make use of the full width of the screen, have full colour moving pictures, and we and even soft Audio where appropriate. From basic ‘shop-front’ websites through to a full-motion spectacular showcase, or technical database driven member sites. OptiMax presents D3 (Digital Development Department) of 10 technical individuals specialised in the categories of Graphic Design, Code (WordPress) Development (build), Photography/Videography including aerial Drone, Content Development and back-end Database development. Even the music… we do it all, in-house.



There are a variety of ways we can build your business’s presence on-line. The type of business that you are promoting can determine the best type of our services to use. Search Engine Marketing through Website Optimisation and Google Adwords is ideal for corporate business, where hospitality type business would be best using a combination of this and our Social Media Packages. Whether the traffic acts to fetch you using a search engine, or we push you to them through Social Media or both, one thing is guaranteed - Modern business need to build a strong presence on-line to survive and thrive in todays digital world.


More than a decade in the Industry

Experience is essential when seeking the best in the Website Optimisation business. The largely unregulated industry free of official qualification means the measure of a Website Optimisation Company is EXPERIENCE. ProTrade Australia Pty/Ltd Serving clients for almost 13 years SINCE 2004 – T/A OptiMax Digital Marketing.

Intimate Customer Relations

Every OptiMax client enjoys a professional Account Manager personally assigned to them. Speak with the same person every time and get to know them, having as much or as little communication as you need. You can request regular contact, or even phone the direct-dial local number straight to their desk.

Hand-in-hand Development

We think you should have first hand contact with the actual Programmers during development of your special internet project. With your assigned Account Managers assistance you can share in first hand information and provide input.


Having started a new business around 2 years ago I dealt with a couple of companies to look after our SEO work.

 I was not happy with the lack of enthusiasm , speed of requests asked and generally not doing any of the things i  asked for .

 Since working with Stuart and the team at Optimax I have been very pleased with a service I believe to go above and beyond and would highly recommend them to anybody requiring real work being done on their SEO Campaign.

 Thank you team and keep up the great work!


Totally Sealed
“When I engaged Optimax just over two years ago, my website was not successful. Organic traffic was at less than 100 organic visitors per week. Within two years, their team was able to increase traffic to over 500 organic visitors per week. Without any other online advertising, it has meant that my website now generates new monthly online sales which on average are more than five times the monthly fee I pay to Optimax.”

Ian Renton

Renton's Labels

We’ve been using your services continuously for almost seven years now. That’s a remarkably long time in SEO and it demonstrates our high level of satisfaction.  Thanks Peter,, Ryan and Richard and all the team at Optimax.  You’ve been consistently reliable, responsive and cost effective over all those years.  Full marks from us!

Michael Buck

Partner, Patent and Trade Mark Attorney

“OptiMAX is a company I can easily recommend to anyone wanting a professional search engine optimisation provider. I am really impressed with the progress we made in only a very short space of time. For our Sydney areas we are already number 1 on Google and moving up the rankings since we recently expanded our company and upgraded our campaign now targeting seven additional geographical locations. Congratulations and well done OptiMAX”

David McGaw

Quick cut concrete cutting specialist



Keeping Your Browser Clean or True Search Results

Sometimes we are showed different results in different browsers... and all these results are not actual unadjusted Google results, and exclusive to that local computer only.


Optimax Webmasters Reveal the Mechanics

The only surprise to me is why this did not happen earlier... years ago? It had to happen! For many years I have been analyzing just how Google chooses web page's to refer to the top of its results page.


Well Linked Websites in Search Results

Google likes to refer websites that are well 'linked' with other websites of a similar nature. The concept is that when you use Google you find not only what you are searching for, but also websites that provide many useful links to and from sites with related subjects.





What we do at OptiMax® (Internet Search Marketing Company) is Website Optimisation. This is the practice of promoting clients’ web-page-listing to feature higher-up in rankings displayed by the Search Engines in the Results Page (SERP’s). OptiMax® programs make our clients’ web-pages more favourable to the search engine’s algorithm, that decides on who to display in these highly sought-after and profitable positions to be in.

We predominantly work to feature our clients’ Target Pages *Organically, which is the most trusted result, and at the very top-of-the page where most people naturally select from and click-on. There is more information following in this article about other types of SERP results that are commonly displayed. Following shortly is a simplified description of how Organic Optimisation works.

First, the reference we have chosen for the popular and modern art of Website Optimisation; why we call it this rather than call it SEO, and why we believe this the correct and most logical description of the practice. Understanding this will help you to identify and select the most relevant keywords for your industry.

Many people call the Practice SEO

Technical industries love acronyms, and in this case S-E-O stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In early years this was widely accepted as the reference to the industry, and it has so far stuck.

This reference in our view is quite incorrect; it is not the search engine being optimised at all, it is the web-site. We recognised this in early years, and it has remained our belief at OptiMax® that ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and particularly its popular acronym, will eventually come to represent the early-years (pre – 2010) army of under-skilled algorithm manipulators, then known as ‘Black Hat SEO’s’. I truly cringe to even mention the phrase, as I carefully choose and place my words knowing the algorithms will be scrutinising every letter and word-count of my article content herein.

If I am correct the reference S-E-O should eventually die, or at least continue its degradation from a early twentieth century buzz word to a 2020 dirty word. Right on cue of my prediction, at the end of 2013 and in early 2014 the industry community was flooded with articles named such as ‘The Death of SEO’ .. and this still goes on today.

The direction we chose to us was obvious, we wanted to rank at the top of the best search engines for the most reliable, relevant, timeless and yet simple reference – and that is Website Optimisation. And we do. You will find us still right there at the top of the SERP. We have enjoyed the position for some years, fought, won and sometimes lost battles against competition, then fought back and proudly resumed our #1 position at the top of Google for this so-prominent search. In our view this is living proof that we are in fact the most successful Website Optimisation company in Australia.

How Organic Search Optimisation Works

While the complexity have increased by hundreds or even thousands of percent over the years, nothing about the basics have changed at all, over the decade we have studied and practiced this art. Like a motorcar that still has a chassis, 4 wheels and a steering column, while today’s vehicles have an incredible amount more detail, the basic structure remains the same.

I often say this to quickly describe the practice in short – Develop high quality informative text content for your pages, that will attract inbound links from similar informative and authoritative pages.Do this and your site will propel in the rankings.

Do this and your site will propel in the rankings. It is imperative that your pages feature significant amounts of rich text-content. You need original and specific content tailored individually to each of your target-pages’ niche subject, parallel to the services your business offers.

Rich Content will Earn Natural Back-Links

The target-page content should be of such high quality that websites in related industries point links to it. For example; if you are a car manufacturer then you want to attract links to your upholstery page from the leather or fabric supplier. Or you would like to attract links from your paint suppliers site to your ‘choice of colours’ page.

This then becomes a kind-of voting or referral system, where other site pages link to your relevant niche-specific pages. If your niche-target-pages attract natural and high quality links from trusted resources, then Google will trust your page, and rank it highly in its Organic search results.

On-Page Organisation and Tasks

In Addition to having rich-content that attracts quality links niche-specifically, success also requires a quality execution of technical tasks within the construction-code of your pages. These tasks are known as ‘On-Page’ Optimisation.

We describe this at length, if you’re interested enough please follow this link and we will reveal to you the complete list of technical On-Page programming we perform in the early stages of OptiMax® programs.

Categorical Types of Results a Search Engine like Google may Display

There are 3 main Categorical Results displayed by a Search Engine in the Results Page. Using Google as an example they are – Organic Results, Pay Per Click Advertising (Google’s product being branded AdWordsâ„¢), and ‘Pin’ Placements on Maps, a commercially used overlay of Google-‘Earth’.

Here are some links to some more detailed descriptions in our website articles –

  1. *Organic Results – As described above
  2. Pay Per Click ResultsGoogle Adwords
  3. MapsPin Placements

OptiMax® programs include set up and optimisation of all of these three different types of Search Engine Results.