Tips on how to Promote your own Website

There are many things you can do to really help move along your internet marketing campaign. These tips will help your website to rank higher in search results.


These simple things can be done conjunction with your campaign, or you may find if you already have a mature and informative website, that these tips are all you need to you push you up onto the front page!


Google is not the only place that will drive you traffic. Check out tip #4 and tip #5 for instant free website traffic.

In fact one could argue there are actually 4 kinds of results*; if you consider a combination of the above 2 and 3 to be a 4th type of result.


Here are quite a few things that you can do to help make a difference to your business Search Engine Results.


Tip #1 – Build and Update Content

Nobody likes an old brochure! Have you ever used a brochure to research something to find out later that it now costs twice the price because the brochure was 2 years old? Who likes outdated information!?


Definitely not Googlebot! Yes, Google knows how long it has been since you updated your information and the more fresh new content it gets, the more it likes you!


This is what you can do


If you regularly update the information on your site, then Google will see this when it comes to visit. The more you update your information, the more Googlebot will visit, checking for yummy genuinely informative new content. If your information is old, then why would Google want to show your site?


Googlebot comes to visit?


Yes, sounds stupid but very real…. Every Search Engine uses what is known as a ‘Crawler’ or ‘Spider’ (a software Robot) to continually read our websites, seeking the content that we human searchers are looking for! The big one known as Googlebot!


Once we prepare and submit your site to the major search engines, the Crawlers promise to soon come and read you, rate you, and then rank you.


Tip # 2 – Socialize your Website with Links

Generally if you don’t socialize, then you don’t meet new people. Have you ever found that it is ‘who you know’ that gets you the business? Of course! It is the same for your website…. You have to Socialize your website with links, to get referrals from others and vice-versa. And Google wants us to do just that; refer one another! The idea of this is to provide an informative search experience for the web-surfer.


The idea is to reciprocate website links with other sites; specifically with ones who use the same key-words to describe the industry you are in, such as exchanging links with your suppliers or industry network. Google ranks websites highly, that have many inbound links.


Here is what you can do…


This does take a lot of time; it get’s repetitive, frustrating and boring. But this helps to Strengthen your website search marketing campaign significantly.


    • 1. – Search Google for your business then check out the search engines results
    •     – Find Affiliate websites who are in your industry
    •     – Join them and exchange links.
  • 2. Find other companies in your industry and request to exchange links with them.
  • 3. Join as many On Line Directories as you can and link from them.


The longer you can stand to do this, the better chance you have of getting to the Pearly Gates of Google front page results.


Note – The higher the referring site Page Rank is, the more valuable the link will be to you.


Tip # 3 – Visitor Behaviour; Entertain your guests

How your visitors behave and what they do once they have found your site?… you guessed it… Google knows.


Again, like in human life, if your visitors don’t like your place, they will leave. If everybody that comes to you’re site then quickly leaves, Google quickly realizes it is referring traffic to a site that visitors are not finding useful. This is known as a ‘Bounce Rate’, and a bad bounce rate can affect your rankings.


Google also knows how many people subscribe to your site, link to your site, and return your site. So you need to make sure you attract the right visitors; then see that they are getting what they came for.


So here are Three Things that you can do…


Make your home page captivating…. To do that easily is to use great photographs. Humans look for photographs first. You can purchase professional photographs of just about anything, at on line photo banks. These will capture the visitor for at least the first few moments. Link these photos to pages you want to take the visitor to inside.


Feature the Exact Keywords that are most commonly used to find you. If you are a Dentist in Brisbane, then your likely search phrase is ‘Brisbane Dentists’. When somebody has just entered these words into a search engine, they will be looking for these words on your page. This is exactly the same as how we are found from “Website Optimization Brisbane” or “SEO Brisbane” search phrases.


It is so important to Capture the visitor’s details with a Call to Action. Feature a home page button that will entice the visitor; like ‘Get a Quick Quote’ or ‘Book a FREE Assessment’. Then take the visitor to a Very Simple field to complete their name, email and phone number only.


What you are doing here is giving your visitor attractive options to continue on into your site with.


Tip # 4 – Join Google Maps for FREE!

People searching on the internet like to find local suppliers handy to their geographical location. More and more people are starting to use Google maps to find stuff.


Just go to Googles home page, then click on maps in the top left corner. You can search for whatever you like and the results will show on a geographical map. Simply follow the link put your business on Google maps and Join for free. Generally within 3 weeks your business will be featuring for your region, free!


Tip # 5 – Put Your Products on eBay!

As I described in Tip #2, you need to join directory services to get links to your website…however only the very popular links will actually drive traffic to your website.


eBay is quite different…it is so popular that adding a product to eBay, and include a link back to your website in the product description; I have proven this can attract more traffic than MSN, Yahoo and Senisis combined!


So if you sell Heat Reflective Paint for example, put a for a pail on on eBay. eBay spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on PAID clicks on Google. So if someone searches for this product, eBay pays to attract their click, they see your product and follow the link back to your website. And of course you may actually even sell the bait! And it only costs $2 – $3 for 10 days advertising! You beaut!


Don’t tell……. it is still Early Days!


The Internet has only recently become easy to use, with a lot of thanks to Google. Google was founded in 1998; only 11 years ago. It was only 5 years ago when Australians started using it to search everyday. Yes, this is that young.


In just a few years, Search will be SO much more highly competitive.


Soon ALL of your competition will be competing to market their websites to Google. By then it will be much harder to work your way to the front page.


So don’t alarm your competition to your new secret, by far your best trick yet.


How Webmasters Work


Search Engines employ teams of super intelligent people to continually review and re-write the search engines algorithms. Google release around 10 times every week, every day at least there is a revision.


Webmasters or Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) communities watch closely. Re-discovering what the Search Engines want to see, and applying changes to their campaigns.


These tips will help, but it is important to have a webmaster program your website code, to oblige the Search Engines in their quest to provide searchers with accurate informative content.


Use a Webmaster who will not optimize too aggressively, or do anything considered ‘Spammy’ or ‘Black Hat’. Or before you know it, the Google spam cops will ban your website! Be patient with your webmaster; if you insist he goes too fast or too hard, it can have a very negative impact on your site rankings.




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Sometimes we are showed different results in different browsers... and all these results are not actual unadjusted Google results, and exclusive to that local computer only.