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Peter Smithson



Wendy Cuchine


Born in New Zealand and a current Australian resident, Peter began his white-collar career in New Zealand in the 1990's working as a telecommunications consultant for corporate companies such as Blue Star and U-Bix. In the late 90's Peter migrated to Australia and continued with Ericsson Telecommunications into the new century. While working as National General Manager of Sony Videoconferencing for Ericsson Corporate Networks, Peter developed a Videoconferencing website and started to wonder how to get internet traffic to the site. He became very interested in Search Engines and his passion was born.


Peter knew he was ready for his own business and left to found ProTrade Australia in 2004. ProTrade Pty Ltd Registered a Trademark on, and trades as OptiMax Internet Marketing Agency still today.


Peter now splits his time between Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and also some time in Thailand where his group's offices are stationed. Peters interests include writing, driving cars, target shooting, he loves his family and remains fascinated with jet-aeroplanes.


Trevor Smith


OptiMAX currently has five members of staff in the New Accounts Team. We like to keep our western cultures diverse with our conversations to the Australian public, therefore we have a mix of staff from; England, Scotland, New Zealand and Australia.

Born in the United Kingdom, Trevor migrated to Australia in 1999. Working in various sales organizations throughout Australia in fields such as; the currency market, investment software, timeshare and media publications, Trevor found his niche in 2008 with online advertising by joining OptiMAX. Eventually he grew a passion for wanting to manage people, and became the Sales Manager in 2014 and is forever grooming, challenging and helping his sales team.

Trevor shares a passion for film too — he has written and directed 5 short films which have screened at more than 50 film festivals around the world. He currently resides in Brisbane City in an apartment over-looking the famous Story Bridge and iconic Brisbane River.


Maricar Sze


Implementing only the best SEO and Adwords strategies for an effective campaign, we make sure your website will rank well on Google and convert business.

A Chinese-Filipino, Carrie is highly educated and well travelled. With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies majoring in Information Technology, she heads up the SEO Production Department in Manila, Carrie frequently works in our Brisbane and new Auckland offices with local staff. In earlier years Carrie worked as team manager for American companies Verizon and MCI in Quality Assurance activities.

Over some 5+ years in the SEO industry, Carrie is also a Google Certified Adwords Specialist. With skills and expertise, she is responsible from shaping and implementing website optimisation, content marketing, PPC and quality measures for all campaigns.

Moonlighting as a business entrepreneur and investor, Carrie has interests from small retail food outlets and property development. Other interests include travelling, breeding Shitzu dogs, and frequently volunteers at children hospitals or shelters.


Ed Michael Lee Cruz


Crafting engaging websites, gorgeous and creative works of art that gives your business an essential sales support element it needs to generate leads.

Ed Michael Lee Cruz is a seasoned IT practitioner with over a decade worth of experience from a young age. Myke has advised businesses on how to properly manage data, and use current technology trends for their advantage. He also worked with the local community and several government offices implementing dozens of mission critical Information Systems to streamline their business processes.

Myke has a passion for people, believing that it only takes a good leader with a vision to direct them to something extra-ordinary. He is also very tech savvy and up to date with software and hardware trends. He also loves business marketing setting and applying simple philosophy's by heart wherever is needed.

As a Manager in Optimax, He leads the Digital Development Team providing quality crafted websites to boost the digital presence of clients. Mr. Cruz is currently taking his Doctorate Degree, earned his Masters Degree of Public Administration 2010 and his Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology 2007.



Our OptiMax® proprietor has significant interests in the Fresh Digital Company and brand.   While Fresh is our healthy competition in the market, we are very proud to be closely associated with partners Ross Vince and Peter Groves.

Digital Marketing Agency

Ross N. C. Vince

Technical Director & Co Founder

Ross comes from a pedigree in Digital Marketing and has become an industry leader for innovation and technique. He is the head of all things technical here at Fresh Digital and is ultimately responsible for over 90% of our clients appearing and staying on the very first page of Google.

Ross is well known in the SEO industry and has researched, tested and published multiple findings which have since become the industry standard in the world of genuine SEO performance techniques. Ross takes pride in involving himself with the technical orientation of Fresh Digital and can often be found mucking in with his technical teams on future developments.

Peter J. Groves

Operations Director & Co Founder

With over 9 years experience in the Digital Marketing Industry and over 25 years in direct sales Peter brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Coming from an IT and finance background in the UK the transition to the Digital Marketing arena seemed like a natural choice.

Peter is responsible for the overseeing and running of all aspects of the company other than anything Technical. He has an eye for seeing things through the customer’s eye and this has enabled him to bring a level of service and professionalism unsurpassed in the Digital Industry.