Optimax Webmasters Reveal the Mechanics

The only surprise to me is why this did not happen earlier… years ago? It had to happen! For many years I have been analyzing just how Google chooses web page’s to refer to the top of its results page. I would look at what we are doing and wonder how this algorithm apparently so ‘brilliant and powerful’ could really fall-for what we were doing to manipulate it, in order to refer us at the top of its results page.


You couldn’t see it until you look at complete project data holistically. I would often compare the statistics of some of our most successful customers data profiles (Our SEO work) along-side the rare websites that do actually rank naturally, and they looked totally different, they looked as unnatural as they were. This year that changed. It was obvious… how it should look naturally, beside what worked then. Google was still ranking and rewarding our clients for what we knew worked then, so we stuck with it, blending it with what we thought was to come, and now has.


I am betting the number of website optimisation service providers reduced a dramatic amount over 2013. It was published1 that during 2013 the global SEO industry reduced in size about 25%, and about 65% of SEO companies were affected. I don’t believe that, that just 65% were affected. I would bank on my view that 100% of us were affected. That is because the best and most effective way to do SEO changed; so the adverse 35% who claim they were not affected can’t have been doing it right before the changes, and therefore couldn’t have survived.


It is true we are in damage control at OptiMax® and that we are working harder than we have ever had to before. Before the changes, it was typical that we would naturally have 2 or 4 (about 2% – 3% of our clients) problem websites projects that we would have to commit additional time and resources into. Now we have around 18% to 20% of client websites in recovery at a time… including our own primary site! Normally we are in position #1 for Website Optimization but we are now bouncing around on the bottom of the first page as we continually apply the antidote… our new procedures.


The good news is that our antidote is working! As we work tirelessly applying the changes, we are getting positive results. We have proved that our new procedures are turning around the first few of our client sites that were affected. We will have you, and us back at the top soon!


We are recruiting and training again, entering a new phase of growth. It is a little known fact that OptiMax® has offices not only in Brisbane Australia, but also in the Philippines. This way OptiMax® taps into a resource of positive, high spirited and talented Filipino people, while accessing reduced operating costs. Without this, we would never be able to deliver the products we do deliver; the product would be unaffordable for most clients and unsustainable for OptiMax®.


If your SEO supplier is still around now… or more-so survives the next 6 to 12 months then you have most likely have the right supplier. Companies or individuals who have not evolved by sharing, studying, listening, learning and applying new techniques, contacts and antidotes are gradually disappearing. Thank Google for that! We are delighted to clean our industry of ‘marketing specialists’ who are void of any truly effective products.


If your SEO Company survived 2013… then they have proved to be a truly valid and effective Website Optimisation Company.



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