Website Optimisation

The most effective way to have your website represented long-term on the front page of the big search engines like Google, is Optimising for Organic rankings. Organic rankings are Algorithm driven, so websites are chosen by the engine’s highly developed dynamic software. Selections are based on the content the site is featuring, the popularity of that content and its ability to attract inbound links from trusted information sites. Website optimisation can take a few months to become effective, and is the most-often selected type of result by searchers. The top of the Organic results is the most commonly clicked on part of the results page.




Tips on how to Promote your own Website

There are many things you can do to really help move along your internet marketing campaign.


Well Linked Websites in Search Results

Google likes to refer websites that are well 'linked' with other websites of a similar nature. The concept is that when you use Google you find not only what you are searching for, but also websites that provide many useful links to and from sites with related subjects.


Keeping Your Browser Clean or True Search Results

Sometimes we are showed different results in different browsers... and all these results are not actual unadjusted Google results, and exclusive to that local computer only.