Frequently Asked | Common Questions

How long will it take before I see improvements?

This depends on many things like the competitiveness of your industry and target search phrases, the size and condition of your site....the list goes on.

Also it can depend on how long Google's website reading robot takes to come back and 'crawl' the website. If it has been months or years since you made changes to your website, then Googlebot will be aware of this and not make frequent returns to the site. If this is the case it could be around three weeks after our work is complete before Google returns to review it.

If the previous condition of your website was really bad and we have just done an On Page SEO overhaul, sometimes we can sometimes get a reaction in 2 or 3 days following the Google crawl.

It also depends on how long Google takes to crawl and discover the new links we are posting to your site.

On average you can expect to wait about three or four weeks before seeing some reaction. For competitive industries initiating slow moving monthly campaigns, it can take 3 or even 4 months to see something pleasing.

Do these results last long or are they temporary?

Often results will hold very well for a long time (even years), and sometimes not. It depends on many things including if you have active competition. Being a bit like a tug of war, if competition are fighting hard and you are having a rest then you will soon loose your position.

If competition are not using webmasters and are a bit complacent with their positions then your results will hold. Remember the competition will know you have taken their position and seek to fight back. Soon everybody will be using webmasters to fight for these positions.

If you are actively keeping your content up to date, and regularly adding to your pages after your optimisation campaign, then it is more likely your results will be longer lasting.

If you are participating in regular link building programs then you can be assured you are doing everything you can to maintain and improve your search results.

Are there any ongoing costs?

It is optional; Many past SEO campaigns have set our customers up and years later they are still holding. However this is risky as competition take up competition SEO companies that could soon hijack those valuable positions that the business has come to rely on.

See ongoing SEO packages that we recommend for competitive industries. We suggest taking your old Yellow Pages budget, Unaddressed mail and Junk snail mail campaign budget, and committing that to link building. This should be the only form of exposure that you ever need to invest in.

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