Ongoing Link Building - 6 Month Program


“Ongoing, consistent link
building is what will
guarantee you hold your
new positions on Google..”

The importance of Link Pace includes how consistently your links are placed. If you could for a moment you imagine how your link growth appears from the Google Algorithms point of view; imagine seeing 6 links one month, then 12 the next, then 15 the next… that would appear natural. Then 20 the next month and then none the next three months! That would give you away for building a false link profile and your rankings may slide.


Quantity: 40xPage Themed Links?
20xPage + Domain Themed Links?
Total Link: 60
Link Pace: 10 Links Per Month for 6 Month
Investment: $400 per month – 6 Payments
Average Cost Per Link: $46

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Before you start any of these link building programs you will need to have your On Page SEO complete. It is important to be sure your target pages will deliver what your new links are promising in there text. Before we start your On Page SEO we must first do an assessment on your website.


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(GST applicable in Australia – Prices shown are Not Inclusive)(GST applicable in Australia –  Prices shown are Not Inclusive)