Discover Me! Basic Search Engine Marketing - Introductory Link building Package


 “ Following this Catalyst,
we can start to apply
optimax high quality Links
to site without suspicion”

Links to a website from other web pages are like votes or referrals, such as the ones you will see on this page. Through the text in the links they are showing both humans and Google where various subjects are located. With the ‘On Page’ SEO program, we are telling Google what we say that page is all about. With Off Page SEO through link building, Google is looking at what other web pages are saying about the target pages content.


Before you start any of these link building programs you will need to have your On Page SEO complete. It is important to be sure your target pages will deliver what your new links are promising in there text. Before we start your On Page SEO we must first do an assessment on your website.


This first Package One Discover Me! is for clients who have a new website, so you need to start linking quite slowly in order to look natural. We need to do what someone in a new business would really do if they just launched a website. We manually join your website to 35 hand picked Directories. Following the natural course a business would take, to join directories in an effort help the public searching for your services to locate to your site.


Following this catalyst, we can start to apply Optimax high quality links to the site without suspicion.


Quantity: 8xPage Themed Links?
4xPage + Domain Themed Links?
Total Link: 12
Link Pace: Distribution over 1 Month
Investment: $768 (Including 35 Complimentary Directory Links)
Average Cost Per Link: 64

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(GST applicable in Australia – Prices shown are Not Inclusive)(GST applicable in Australia – Prices shown are Not Inclusive)