‘On Page’ Optimisation

Although much of modern day SEO success is all about linking, it is still important to have your website target pages right. There are hundreds of checks the Google algorithm makes when it comes crawling through your pages.


When we do an assessment on your website we will make comments on many of these things we know need work. There is not much point investing in a link campaign to your target pages before you have these pages prepared to serve up exactly what your new links will soon be promising. Every website is so individual that we have to tailor an investment price for the ‘On Page SEO’.


Popular Keyword and Phrase Researchonpageimage

Firstly, we need to know what are the correct (most popular) searches being performed on Google and other popular search engines. (About 90% of Australians use Google, however for international clients we track other Engines such as Yahoo and Bing) After doing our Keyword/Phrase Research; we discover exactly what are the most popular ‘queries’ people are typing into Google when they are looking for your goods and services, like ‘SEO Brisbane’ for us. This is when we decide what the keywords and phrases are that we will base your internet marketing campaign on. This research is based on historical data and not presumption.


Now we know what which Keywords and Phrases we are pursuing, back to the actual On Page tasks. Following are some examples of the type of work we perform on your actual website pages –


OptiMAX Nationwide


On Page Programming Tasks

  • Program your Home Page, to tell the Search Engines like Google what it is that you are generally all about, what you generally do, and want you want to be found for.
  • Organise each pages visible content, and weigh the percentage of popular key-word and key-phrase’s density using specific formulas we know Google prefers. This provides Googlebot with super well organised content.
  • It is important to set your page Title Tags up according to Google simple preference. Title tags are the most critical thing that is the most simple to do. It is very important that these are right, and they can alone make the difference between ranking success and failure.
  • We correct each web-pages Headings, installing the correct Code Tags so Google is able to identify them as headings. Many un-optimized website headings are only visible to the human eye and Google cant identify them unless we do it for the algorithm.
  • Create additional fresh informative content; If we think your website is low on quality content (with your input) we will create 100 – 200 words per page, (up to 5 pages) of unique content. We will post into your website for you and optimise it.
  • Generate and load a Site Map; of your Newly Organised site and submit it to Google and other major Search Engines. This tells Google which pages are important to crawl (read), how regularly, how deeply, and how often the pages are likely to change. These are like instructions to Google of where to go and what is high or low priority when reading your website. This makes Googles job easier and you will be rewarded with improved internet rankings.
  • Add ‘Alternate Text boxes’ to your Navigation Links, and your Images. These are the little boxes that pop up and tell you more about what is behind the location that link will take you too. Google will reward you for providing as much information as possible to the user regarding what is actually on the page you are interested in navigating too. Text links look like this…just mouse over – Internet Marketing Brisbane
  • Code Validation – HTML code quality validation software is used to revise and correct human programming on every page of your website. This finally ‘paves a smooth road’ for Googlebot as it crawls through your code accessing your site.
  • Optimize Site Speed, compress and optimize images for fast loading pages that Google rewards you for. You probably would not remember the last time Google referred a site to you that was slow loading.
  • Additionally we install Professional Monitoring and Reporting software on your code so we can monitor the improving search engine positions; available remotely to you 24/7 so you can enjoy watching your results.


On Page SEO Price is Tailored on Application: based on Website Assessment


Once this delicate and tedious programming work is completed, we can move onto Off Page SEO by linking to your site target pages from other websites.



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