Maricar Sze


Implementing only the best SEO and Adwords strategies for an effective campaign, we make sure your website will rank well on Google and convert business.

A Chinese-Filipino, Carrie is highly educated and well travelled. With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies majoring in Information Technology, she heads up the SEO Production Department in Manila, Carrie frequently works in our Brisbane and new Auckland offices with local staff. In earlier years Carrie worked as team manager for American companies Verizon and MCI in Quality Assurance activities.

Over some 5+ years in the SEO industry, Carrie is also a Google Certified Adwords Specialist. With skills and expertise, she is responsible from shaping and implementing website optimisation, content marketing, PPC and quality measures for all campaigns.

Moonlighting as a business entrepreneur and investor, Carrie has interests from small retail food outlets and property development. Other interests include travelling, breeding Shitzu dogs, and frequently volunteers at children hospitals or shelters.




Optimax Webmasters Reveal the Mechanics

The only surprise to me is why this did not happen earlier... years ago? It had to happen! For many years I have been analyzing just how Google chooses web page's to refer to the top of its results page.


Well Linked Websites in Search Results

Google likes to refer websites that are well 'linked' with other websites of a similar nature. The concept is that when you use Google you find not only what you are searching for, but also websites that provide many useful links to and from sites with related subjects.


Keeping Your Browser Clean or True Search Results

Sometimes we are showed different results in different browsers... and all these results are not actual unadjusted Google results, and exclusive to that local computer only.