Attracting Bridges to Your Site with High Quality Links

One main reason that Google will refer web-pages high in the search results, is relevant inbound links from other trusted web pages. These act like referrals, or as votes endorsing the content presented on your pages. OptiMax® improve, introduce and promote your content in order attract natural links from others within or in similar or related industries to you.

Aged Domains - The websites that serve links are mature, normally from 4 years and up to 19 years of age. Google trusts older websites that have been active online and the more years the better.

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Independently Hosted Domains - As the sites serving links are independent, they are therefore hosted on a wide range of servers in various countries, meaning the hosts I.P addresses are individual, as they are natural and therefore trusted by Google.

High Quality Score (Page Rank) Pages and Domain Addresses - The main difference between Google and the other Search Engines is the Quality Score system known as Page Rank*. Page Rank is earned through things such as website age, the uniqueness and authoritative quality and also quantity of the content, and the donor pages own incoming links attracted prior. Donor websites who we promote your content to in order to attract links, are Page Rank rich, so again they are trusted.

*Page Rank is actually a registered trademark of Larry Page, one of the Google co-founders along with Sergey Brin. Larry's Sir-name 'Page' is referring to or in any way related to a web-page.

Content Rich Donor Pages - The sites and pages that serve links to our clients are full of unique and informative content, such as what we develop for all of our clients. This further improves the integrity (strength) of the referral, or 'vote' for your page.

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Link Profile Maintenance - It is vitally important that our customers Link Profile is maintained to be natural and favourable to Google as possible. Sometimes suspicious looking things can develop such as the occurrence of text-clusters (similar anchor-text) across multiple links. It can happen quite innocently, for example if you have a Life Coaching business… where there are few or no alternate descriptions of the business activity, so the site or niche-pages can attract multiple links that look, or are very much the same.

Eventually this become very unnatural looking to Google if it is left unmaintained. It can seem that the links were built or manufactured deliberately, or even placed with software in order to manipulate the search engines results.

The links attracted and maintained should be of a wide variety anchor text. A natural Link Profile also includes non-descript links such as ‘Click Here’ or ‘More ‘Information’. Naturally these would be embedded in a sentence relating to the page that the link is directed to. We refer to this variety these ‘Same Sentence Links'.

Whole sentence links are another odd-type of link that we like to attract, and do occur naturally. This is when a whole relevant sentence or even paragraph is hyperlinked to the clients target page.

Image links - Websites naturally attract links from images such as a photograph or even their company logo. It helps when the link donor rename the images to suit the target page, and add 'Alternate Text' fields where a secondary description is also able to be included.

Donor Pages Tailored to Your Niche - Google not only looks at the actual link-text and the sentence it is embedded in, but also the page's own content and it's programmed description. We tailor-make pages around our clients business and the niche markets that they wish to rank for. Upon request we also purchase domains speci?c to the clients industry, so the links appear to be served from an established authority or specialist in that industry.

Ongoing Link Profile Management - We use various suites of very specialised software to test and value the links with the view of a Search Engine. This cross checks everything to reveal any links that paper to be high risk or 'toxic’. If for whatever reason our softwares indicate something looks unnatural, we will disavow that link during Link Profile maintenance, meaning Google will not recognise or index it any further.