Building Bridges to Your Site with High Quality Links

The main reason Google ranks web-pages highly, is inbound links from other trusted websites. OptiMax® Donor Links are effective because we serve the Most Natural links ~

Aged Domains - The websites that serve links are from 4 to 17 years of age. Google trusts older websites that have been active online and the more years the better.

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Independently Hosted Domains - These sites are hosted on a wide range of independent servers in various countries, meaning the hosts I.P addresses are individual as possible.

The sites are not interlinked, and are registered anonymously, every precaution is taken to ensure there is no detectable connection with one another.

High Quality Score (Page Rank) Pages and Domain Addresses - The main difference between Google and the other Search Engines is the Quality Score system known as Page Rank. Page Rank is earned through website age, the quality of the content and its own incoming links. OptiMax® donor websites are Page Rank rich; they are hand selected from the domain aftermarket auctions personally by our Company Managing Director. Each month new donor sites are added to our collection to serve our clients.

Content Rich Donor Pages - The pages we serve links from are ?lled with unique and informative content that we produce internally. Our contents writers are experienced, and research your goods and services to ensure we produce knowledgable content to serve the links from within.

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Link-Text Variations - The different incoming links must vary in their anchor text as they would naturally. Every effort possible is made by our technicians to manually use as many different text combinations as possible to describe the niche we are linking for.

Link-Type Variations - Naturally, a web-page would attract odd links with generic text such as 'click here' or 'for more information'. Google also looks into the sentence that hosts the link, so we embed this type of generic-text into a sentence that naturally features the niches key-words we are optimising the client for.

Whole sentence links are another odd-type of link that we add, as these do occur naturally also. When a whole relevant sentence or even paragraph is hyperlinked to the clients target page.

Image links - Websites naturally attract links from images such as a photograph or their company logo. We rename the images around the clients niche, and add 'Alternate Text' fields where a secondary description is also able to be included.

Donor Pages Tailored to Your Niche - Google not only looks at the actual link-text and the sentence it is embedded in, but also the page's own content and it's programmed description. We tailor-make pages around our clients business and the niche markets that they wish to rank for. Upon request we also purchase domains speci?c to the clients industry, so the links appear to be served from an established authority or specialist in that industry.

Link Testing and Valuation - We use two different suites of very specialised software to test and value the links with the view of a Search Engine. This cross checks everything that we have already manually implemented to reveal any links that paper to be high risk or 'toxic'. If for whatever reason our softwares appear imperfect, we will remove the link and rebuild elsewhere.