Link Quality

OptiMAX® Link Quality - Links supplied by OptiMAX® are high quality, and come from other businesses web-pages that share a theme, or are of a similar nature to your target pages. A notable amount of care is taken to preserve our linking quality procedures.

A popular argument in the SEO community is over the percentage quantity of high quality links that should be applied, versus the volume of low quality links. At Optimax, testing has shown us that virtually all links should be high quality, with a smaller quantity of low quality links in order to look natural. The reason behind our conclusion is based not only on experience, but the following theory based on Google Page Rank -

Google Page Rank - To briefly explain just why Google is so successful, would be to say it is mostly because of the development of the Google Page Rank (Quality Score) System. This is the one outstanding competitive differentiation between Google and other search engines. Page Rank is a Trademark of Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. You could call it ‘Larry Rank’ as it is not directly related to where the web page ranks in Google search results. It is very much a score of how much Google trusts in that page.

Every page on the internet has one of these Quality Scores (a Page Rank) that the Google algorithm has awarded, or not awarded. The score is from n/a to 10 and it is very hard for a commercial website to earn over a 5. The score is based on the page age, the page content quality, the host websites domain quality, but most of all the links pointing to the page. Page Rank is earned and increased by having other high Page Rank Page's pointing quality links at it.

So having established that Google's formula for success is based around web-page quality; Optimax concludes that Google refers web-pages in its search results that have quality links, like votes from other quality pages. This conclusion is reflected in the SEO results Optimax constantly delivers.

To say that a greater volume of links from low or no-quality pages (like open forums or junk articles) is a winning formula for Google rankings, is contradictory to Google's founding reason for its success. Many people say this only because is very difficult to source volumes of high quality links.

Links are much more effective when they come from a high quality page that is of a similar nature, or even better - an authority on your subject. This works a lot like a human referral - You don't ask a Lawyer how to make a brick wall, nor a Bricklayer for legal advice. Also, consider if you would take a recommendation from a non trustworthy person versus a person with integrity.

Link Dilution, Link Text Combinations and Natural Link Profiling, are three sets of guidelines OptiMax uses to ensure links maintain high quality. These links are not high-volume Forum, Directory or automatically ‘farmed’ Article links.

Here is more information on these three Link Quality Control Procedures -

Link Dilution

If you have a single link from a page with good content then that link enjoys 0% dilution because it does not share that page with other links. If you add another link then you have 50% dilution, then add another link and you have 33% each. Optimax outbound link pages do not exceed a maximum of 6 outbound customer links, and 4 support links.

Support links are links from our donor pages directed to our other donor pages. For every support link you see outbound on a donor page, there will be an incoming link from another part of our network. This replenishes the page for the out bound links and keeps the donor network strong in Google Page Rank (Quality Score).

Niche Link Text Combinations

For every Niche area of your business we will build links around a trio combination of Anchor Text: For example –

A web-page wishing to be found for Family Lawyers Brisbane, the Anchor Text combination would use the following variations:-

  • Family lawyers Brisbane
  • Family law Brisbane
  • Brisbane Family Lawyers

This ensures natural looking linking. If to many text links are identical Google will suspect these links have been placed by the same person, or even worse by using software. Link Text Variations also help optimize for a wider range of popular searches.

Your Link Text Combinations will be recommended to you and agreed before link placement continues.

Natural Link Profiling

It is another critical strategy to help your websites Link profile look as natural as possible to Google for the best possible results. This is a manual process where our webmasters will manually consider a ‘humans view’ of how your link profile is coming about. We have to consider what a Google employee would think if they performed a human review of your website and link data profile.