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What’s in the Audit?

This 6 page comprehensive report will reveal everything you need to know about the health of your website — and what needs to be done to improve it, with the perfect Solution detailed to get New Clients… all for FREE !

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If your current or previous SEO provider has

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  • The pivotal reason why your site does not Rank highly
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About Optimax

We are a Digital Advertising Agency, who covers all forms of Google presence for your business — since 2004. We pride ourselves on our 13 Year History of Successful Results, and non-stop communication with our clients — we don’t hide in dark rooms, ignore emails and avoid phone calls ! The Managing Director Peter Smithson has a passion to help people and often approves complimentary work for clients who are ''doing it tuff''. He is also very active in his charity work and loves helping children and animals — by regularly donating to the Cambodian Children’s Fund and Moon Bear Charity. Optimax is located in Brisbane Australia, and has now set up business in New Zealand too — it continues to grow due to its exemplary success in the digital world and will be opening a further two offices in Oceania early next year.



"Even after 6 years of business together, you keep providing the same quality… Optimax are relentless !"

Michael Buck -- IP Attorney (Patents & Trademarks)

"Hey Peter, what exceptional results — It’s like a high speed lift ! Can I send Carrie some chocolates for all her work ?!"

Wayne Dade -- Jims Removals

"We appreciate all your help at Optimax — we have 10X our franchise business, because of our rankings with those keywords. Awesome work guys !"

Jonathan Payne -- Xpresso Coffee

"The results are unbelievable! We come up first on Google for pretty much every search — and often get double results like first and second together too!"

Dane Nicholson -- HSS (Hospitality Superstore)

"Peter was great at explaining what Optimax could do for our internet marketing. His passion comes through in his voice, which proves how much he knows and cares."

Mark Willis, i Catchers

"I must admit I was a little unsure at first, but I am now blown away by the communication, service and results. You guys rock !"

Alem Mirvich, Melbourne Signs