Keeping Your Browser Clean or True Search Results

Sometimes we are showed different results in different browsers…..and all these results are not actual unadjusted Google results, and exclusive to that local computer only.


In a brand-new or clean browser you will be shown the Google results, unadjusted.


Once you have been using your browser, whether it be Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox, it will attempt to ‘learn you’ in an attempt to try and improve the Google results at a local level. The browsers do this by collecting data on your habits and places and subject of interest using methods such as Cookies and Cache.


Cookies are a convenient way to carry information from one session on a website to another, or between sessions on related websites. You may have noticed in the past if you are been interested in a Fiji holiday for example, and you have been on travel sites, that as you continue to surf the next then advertisements about Fiji seem to be following you around….well they actually are.


Cache is your browsers memory of the web pages you have visited. Browsers deliberately adjust Google results for different reasons; one could say that they have developed their own algorithm for refining search results. If you have like most people spent time on your own website, or your competitors website then some browsers will assume you like those websites, and serve them up higher on your page……but only at first, if you have been on the site once or twice. Lately browsers seem to have formed the opinion if you have been on those sites lots of times, then you have not been able to find what you want and move those websites many pages back in the search results.


As a first hand example; I am looking for some Holden Commodores for Optimax staff cars. A few times recently I have typed Holden Commodores for sale into Google using Firefox. (I keep my cache and Cookies in Firefox full for experimenting like this; and keep Chrome and Safari Clean to manually check software results) At first Firefox served up and I looked at all those cars. The second and third times I got the same site and I liked the site….however it didn’t have the cars I wanted. Then other used car sales sites came up and I got to see a new range of Commodores I hadn’t yet seen, because I kept getting the same site, that was optimised the best. Firefox had moved the site out of the way and back to page 4 so I could select from a new range of websites.


Often customers are confused by their browsers first seeing their own site or competition sites come up at the top, then retreating back to page 3 or 4. To avoid this it pays to trust in your SEO’s professional software that is designed to avoid this, or keep your browsers clean by clearing them before each time you want to check your websites position.


Here are some instructions on clearing different browsers.



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Sometimes we are showed different results in different browsers... and all these results are not actual unadjusted Google results, and exclusive to that local computer only.