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Please do your Homework First!

Following are some great tips on how to choose a killer domain name that will be great for search marketing Optimax Registration


Choose a Domain Name with Keywords

Before you can even look at domain names, you need to find out what your Keywords are. Sometimes it is obvious; like if you sell swimming pools you would clearly choose a domain name with words in it like ‘swimmingpool’. However, how many people searching for a swimming pool use a singular word, and how many use plural? With this particular query a huge majority (more that twice the amount of people) use singular, so you would choose pool, not pools…


…because you only want one pool right? Unfortunately no, not that simple! Although a girl about to marry only wants one Wedding dress…the majority of queries this time is plural….Wedding Dresses!


Make sure you find out what your most popular search query is, down to the detail. How to find out – Ask OptiMAX. This is the first job we do when we commence any Search Marketing Package. So why would we call this website you ask? It is actually called because a very popular search query for what we do is ‘search engine marketing’


Often the most popular search queries are not always the most obvious. So contact us and we can soon let you know what is good for you.


All the good domain names are already sold right? ……Wrong!




TIPS on how you can still buy a domain name with

great search words in it today


Turn the Words in Reverse Order

Try turning the words around in reverse order like pool-swimming or dresses-wedding. They still contain the crucial search words that you need.


Use a – (Hyphen) Between words

This great tip serves two purposes. It not only opens up many options that have not yet been sold, but the best bit is that Google sees the hyphen like a human sees a space; and Google will read the Key Phrase more clearly and easily than the name that is all run together like “swimmingpool.”

You are better off to have the hyphen than not have it! Keep the hyphen count down to one, or an absolute maximum of two hyphens per domain name…like for example.


The Difference Between a .com and a .asn

As far as Search is concerned, these don’t significantly affect rankings. Actually a .org would help a ranking as Google sees it as an organisation, rather than a commercial website. But you shouldn’t register it unless you are non profit. These all mean something; here are some examples –


  • – Commercial Entities
  • – Network Infrastructure
  • – Education
  • .gov – Government
  • .org – Organizations
  • .asn – Associations
  • – Individuals
  • – Information Service Provider
  • .conf – Conferences

You can use .asn’s to get a domain name with great keywords in it! If you are not an association, you can just start a club!


Incorporate your Brand with a Keyword into a Short Domain

This is really very hard to do, so don’t worry if you don’t manage it. The best example I can offer is one we came up with for the reflective paints company We managed to work the Keyword ‘paints’ into a descriptive combination.


This is now a great brand name that people now use to search for reflective paint! Competitors even use these words in their internet marketing campaigns. Of course it is now trademarked so you can’t buy sorry, or you will be snapped by the trademark office for ‘cyber squatting’.


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