The Beautiful Caged Moon Bears


A heart that hurts is a heart that beats.
That includes yours, and the Moon Bears...
Some Spend 25 Years in these Cages.

This minute there are more than 8,000 Bears in CAGE's
being milked for their Bile.

...they have never heard of the thousands of moon bears caged in Asia.

Urgent helped needed

Some Placed in a cage as a trapped bear cub, 25 years ago. Legs and Arms grow through the cages to the outside.

bear in cage bear in cage bear in cage
Moon Bear

All this time with an agonising and infected steel pipe,
stuck in the Bears Ulcer filled Stomach Hole….a farmer draws his bile.

While there are many proven herbal and synthetic substitutes for the bear bile today.

This month Animal Asia has Saved 295 Bears

Approximately 2.20% saved over the last 12 Years

There are still Thousands of Trapped Bears

Animal Asia has been working for the moon Bears.

These are SAVED Moon Bears.

Would you like to HELP a Moon Bear like this OUT….….of a cage like this?

Sponsor a bear. Save a life.

I am proud to introduce a Sponsored Moon Bear


Can’t Bear it either?

If you can't afford to Sponsor Your Own Whole Bear,
but you want to help to stop the suffering,
you can send donations of any amount to:
Animals Asia Foundation Donation