Adword’s Placement and Management

Another great way to get your website found on the search engine results page is to avail a ’Pay Per Click’ (PPC) program. The Google PPC product is called Google Adwords. This is a very fast and reliable way to get results on the front page. The management of PPC campaigns is done with a rather technical dynamic on-line auction system, and companies like Google provide a range of technical training courses for placement companies like us. OptiMax attend and sit exams, we have earned our Google Partner qualifications. We manage your Adword’s campaigns to make sure you get the most click for your buck.




Optimax Webmasters Reveal the Mechanics of a Search Engine

These days most Australians use the internet to find the things that we need.


SEO is Dead? It was never “SEO” anyway…

Sometimes we are showed different results in different browsers... and all these results are not actual unadjusted Google results, and exclusive to that local computer only.


Well Linked Websites in Search Results

Google likes to refer websites that are well 'linked' with other websites of a similar nature. The concept is that when you use Google you find not only what you are searching for, but also websites that provide many useful links to and from sites with related subjects.