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Google Adwords Advertising

What we do

This diagram shows the Organic search results that feature down the left hand side of the page. These are websites that Google has chosen to show as a result of your search.

These websites are mature, informative and often Optimized for Search. This is what we at Optimax do for our customers – as we describe in our SEO Packages

Down the right hand side of the page, and often the top three websites shown, are people who have chosen to pay for Google Adwords. Labelled as ‘Sponsored Links‘.

Adwords or Sponsored links provide instant front page results; and you pay from a few cents, to a few dollars each time someone clicks on your website; depending on the amount of competition you have also competing for these positions.

The cost of each hit varies, as you bid against your competition. It is like an on line auction. The costs can add up very quickly, so you need to make sure your website is ready (see our website tips and advice page)…or you may spend thousands attracting traffic that just ‘Bounce’ off your site. As soon as you stop paying, your advertisment stops showing.

Here are the Google search results variations you may already know, but optimizing your website to show in the Organic Search Results allows you to forever become ‘part of the show’…rather than continually paying for a ‘ring-side seat’. Sometimes, you will need to clean your browser in order to get the most accurate search result for the site ranking from the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).